Plastic Roll Cradle
Patented n. MI2009A 001565
OHIM European Community Patent n. 001170252
Size: mm. 800 x 275 mm.
height: 200 mm.
1 cradle = 500 kg. (about 1.100 lbs) Static Load
4 cradles = 2.000 kg. (about 4.400 lbs) Static Load

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Export Plastic Pallet 110x110 square for container
Plastic pallet for export suitable for all types of packaging or packaging: drums of 200 or 250 liters, small drums, jerry cans, buckets, big bags, octabins, boxes, cartons, bulk materials, reels, films. Socks perfectly in 10 pallets in container 20 'feet. similar. With 8 non-slip rubber feet ABOVE the floor for the commodity, (2 grommets on each side). Square Plastic Pallet Kg Capacity on the gallows (see data sheet). suitable roller bearings, roller way, belt conveyors. Ideal for containers, excellent as EXPORT-PALLET both maritime and rail shipments. The best bench in the world for export quality and price!
Size: mm. 1.100 x 1.100 mm.    Height: 130 mm.
Weight or Tare: 8,7 Kg     Static Load: 3.600 Kg (about 7.937 Lbs)
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Nestable Export Plastic Euro Pallet 80x120
Pallet for export 9 feet insertable, light-medium loads recommended to send packages or boxes. This pallet (euro pallet dimension 80x120) is very competitive than other models in their price range. His low weight 5kg make this pallet optimum and ideal packaging for Air shipping. It's possibile to apply skids/runner to facility use over rack. This is the best solution for export and best relation quality/price.
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.    Height: 155 mm.
Weight or Tare: 5,0 Kg    
Static Load: 1.900 Kg    Dinamic Load: 500 Kg
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Nestable Plastic Pallet For Cradles and Roll Coils
Pallet for export closed with floor 9 feet insertable, sturdy medium-heavy loads recommended to send packages or boxes of wine or oil as this has europallet greater extent than other models in their price range.Recommended by Air being slightly so it's a: AirPallet ®
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.    Height: 134 mm.
Weight or Tare: 6,6 Kg     Static Load: 4.000 Kg
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Nestable Export Plastic Pallet
Europallet 80x120 Plastic Universal 's Export. Excellent for Air Freight, (being very light weight limits the cost or air fares). Air-Pallet ® for handling and shipping. Very handabled. Workman. Therefore good for Operations.
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.     Height: 133 mm.
Weight or Tare: 5,1 Kg     Static Load: 2.500 Kg
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Hard Plastic Pallet
Stackable pallet EUROPALLET with 2 built in Traverse monoblock monoFusione, very strong and durable, suitable for heavy loads for shipping overseas or exports, excellent for material handling, local and national Hygienic as there are points or areas where dirt can lodge very washable.
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.     Height: 150 mm.
Weight or Tare: 14 Kg     Static Load: 5.000 Kg
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HACCP Plastic Pallet
Pallet with very hygienic standards and HACCP, floor plan and closed smoothly, 9 feet, washable, sterilization, Slight Accident, Excellent for internal handling, storage, Bakeries, All food and pharmaceutical sectors. plastic clean and odorless. (Neutral) Recommended area harvested fish.
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.     Height:
Weight or Tare: 14,6 Kg     Static Load: 6.000 Kg
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Euro Pallet 80 120
Wood Euro Pallet Classic Standard 80x120
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.
Weight or Tare: 14,6 Kg
Static Load: 6.000 Kg
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Pressed Wood Pallet
Pressedwood Pallet
Size: mm. 800 x 1.200 mm.
Weight or Tare: Kg
Static Load: Kg
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Plastic Box HDPE for Container
Box square in size 1130x1130 with 4 feet, available in both the version with the walls closed or perforated walls and possibly also with bottom holes (Grid Fan)
Size: mm. 1.130 x 1.130 mm.
Height: 760 mm.
Weight or Tare: 35,0 Kg
Static Load: 5.000 Kg Capacity: 616 Liters
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